June 6th, 21C, cloudy with sunny intervals

Time warping forward..



I haven’t updated for a while. Given that I haven’t, and looking back through my previous entries, things have gone mental up on the roof.

I put this down to the sensational weather. A glorious start to June, very sunny and warm up until today. It’s still hot but with showers. Ideal growing weather.

My Beans (Broad, Runner, French) and Sweet Peas have come on battalions. Tomato plants have, grown, flowered and developed fruit. Courgettes and Butternut Squash are both coming along nicely. That’s not all. Flowering Lupins, Clematis and my geraniums are vibrant with color. Looks like summer may finally be here. Er, at last.



Early carrot seedling

Sowing them early worked. These could be ready as early as mid May – as baby carrots, at least. I’m growing in them in hessian sacks this year - easy to move from outdoors to indoors if frosty and can be squashed tightly against walls to maximize space. 

Now the mad time is starting. I’ve got seedlings stuffed into every nook and cranny of the plastic green house. All waiting to be planted out in anticipation of a longer warmer spell. May hasn’t been very good so far, it’s very wet. Only the trees seem to be enjoying the deluge.

The spring Radishes are almost ready to pull up, the top portion is appearing above the soil after 4 weeks. Holding off for the time being, salad isn’t appetizing in this weather.

May 2nd - 12C, wet, cold.

Radio silence here, feels like Winter has returned, with a vengeance. Cold and very wet, nearly 24 hours of showers. What’s good: Last week was warmth has made for good growth in the raised bed, the Spinach and Lettuce are ready to be cut. What’s not: the rocket hasn’t germinated very well as the soil is still a bit too cold.

May 2nd - 12C, wet, cold.

The Tulips have been partying with colourful abandon. The daffodils have all flowered and died. I’ve planted some summer Nasturiums and a Wild Flower mix to draw in the predators to deal with the aphids.

Nasturtium flowers and leaves are edible, they give a peppery flavour similar to watercress in salads and pasta dishes.

View from the roof garden, a short warm spell has bought all of the buds out.

April 10th - 17C, warm, sunny.